Our new project Transmissions-LIVE‘s new episode featuring Beso Negro. Transmissions-LIVE is a new music web series that streams live concerts and interviews with bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s a quick preview of our upcoming episode featuring Beso Negro. Episode #2 is coming real soon!




Latest “Transmission”:
THE MEMORIALS & Mission Bells

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TRANSMISSIONS-LIVE is a video blog focusing on artists from the San Francisco bay area scene and beyond. Our focus is online live performances and interviews.
Bands are made or broken on video.
Live: Watching a band play live can make or break them too.

So, now TRANSMISSIONS-LIVE connects the two, and connects you. Live performance and interview webcasts of GREAT bands will be presented to you.
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O.M.G. We’re making some videos. Our first video shoot for “Purge” was filmed at the amazing Monarch in SF (Check out this bad ass bar on 6th & Mission in SF, if you haven’t already.) we got some great pix of the shoot and we’re honored and excited to show the completed video when done. Check Photos Here

More details available soon… but, damn… what we’ve seen–Looks amazing! And we can’t wait to show ya’ll….A HUGE shout out to Sarah & Margrit, for their time and film making talent, THANK YOU!

Additionally, we JUST shot another crazy video for “My Beloved”. Check out the Behind the scenes photos. We’re excited to share more details soon – Thanks to 8 Fold Films for their help on this upcoming project!

Details on a video release party coming soon!




CONFIRMED – 2, count ‘em, 2 shows in Austin.  Sit Kitty Sit are SO EXCITED to be going to Austin for SXSW. Check the Tour page for details.  We will also be tweeting and Facebooking and networking our butts off, so if you aren’t already following us at @sitkittysitband & @gunhorse you may want to get on that.

Also, Sit Kitty Sit has a shinny new website at sitkittysit.com New posts, and more info available at that site as well.




Gun Horse Records Logo
A new and truly independent record label, Gun Horse Records (GHR), has been launched in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Mission: Make music. Record. Pay the rent. Sleep. Start over.

The music industry could be considered to be in the worst decline as an industry, but what isn’t declining? The artists and their art. We’ve recognized this shift in the music industry, and believe that the independent artist can make it without big-label subjective ideas, over-processed logistics and red tape.  GHR caters to the independent artist, and rewards the independent fan.

The music biz is now all about the artist being that “troubadour”. Artists should just simply play out, and their fan base will grow.  GHR enables this process and provides fans a truly high-end experience. In contrast, many major labels try to deconstruct ways to throw money at their packaged products. It just isn’t working.  The music is either good or it’s not.

All of our marketing and public relations is done in-house, without big physical distribution. We are nimble, and we utilize all of the powerful online tools available to provide a great  experience for fans.

“I’m already way over budget so I fired my PR dept, Publicist, Advertising, Producer, Project Manager, Copyrighter, and sales team. I’m doing it all.”

So, a new label is launched. Stay tuned for more, and cheers to a great 2012!