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Sit Kitty Sit’s (SKS) new video “Purge” is the first official video independently produced by the band. This dark film noir captures the intense performance of the group.  The song “Purge”, is described by the band as: “The process of delving into ones own past in order to clean out old wounds which allows them to finally heal.  Letting go, and moving on.” The track is from SKS’s first 2010 EP “The Push”.


O.M.G. We’re making some videos. Our first video shoot for “Purge” was filmed at the amazing Monarch in SF (Check out this bad ass bar on 6th & Mission in SF, if you haven’t already.) we got some great pix of the shoot and we’re honored and excited to show the completed video when done. Check Photos Here

More details available soon… but, damn… what we’ve seen–Looks amazing! And we can’t wait to show ya’ll….A HUGE shout out to Sarah & Margrit, for their time and film making talent, THANK YOU!

Additionally, we JUST shot another crazy video for “My Beloved”. Check out the Behind the scenes photos. We’re excited to share more details soon – Thanks to 8 Fold Films for their help on this upcoming project!

Details on a video release party coming soon!




Sit Kitty Sit presents:
The Folie à Deux Adventure Tour!
Sit Kitty Sit is headed out on our first major tour, traveling from Rhode Island to Louisiana, and we would like to invite you to come along and be a part of this kick-ass adventure. There will be tons of music and fun on this sixteen-day journey and we want to share every step of the way with you! The tour will conclude with us recording an album of songs written during and inspired by our adventure and presented as a limited release album exclusively to those of you who love us enough to help make this all happen.

Check out SKS’s Kickstarter page and help ‘em get on tour and get an exclusive album – ONLY for backers!! WHA?


Sit Kitty Sit have lined up a number of shows over the next couple of months and landed their first Festival.  “The BASK Festival” in Forestville, CA, July 21st.  SKS has a Saturday night slot, so, we’re excited to rock it out.

Check out the site and details here:

July 21, 2012 (Saturday)
BASK Music and Arts Festival | 2012
Forestville, CA

About BASK:
Join Us For Bask — a 3 day music, art, variety show and camping festival on the forested banks of the gorgeous Russian River in Sonoma County. A sun kissed weekend filled with amazing local talent from the Bay Area and beyond, held in an intimate, unique setting. Whether it be through music, art, food or libations, Bask is a platform for artists to be heard, seen, discovered and celebrated.